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Waterworth is a SaaS company that helps cities and towns across Canada and the U.S. operate more financially sustainable water and wastewater systems. Waterworth is financial management and rate setting software for municipal water systems.

The problem: Water infrastructure is chronically underfunded in North America. Because pipes are hidden underground and most North Americans are fortunate enough to enjoy easy, constant access to clean drinking water, we often do not consider how water gets to our taps. Consequently, we (that is, rate payers, elected officials, society as a whole) place low value on our water systems. This leads to underfunded water infrastructure that often falls into disrepair (think burst water mains, boil water advisories, Flint, Michigan). 

Our solution: Waterworth helps address this problem by providing a web-based platform, plus professional support, to local government customers. We help communities get a grip on their water rates and infrastructure renewal. They are then empowered to set water rates that reflect true cost-of-service, make better long-term plans, and not wait for emergencies to make infrastructure upgrades. Waterworth is digitizing the process of utility rates analysis – a market traditionally cornered by consultants.