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Tickit Health, Ltd

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If you are passionate about not just changing the world, but improving it for everyone, and you like working in highly energetic, creative, dynamic, collaborative, and entrepreneurial environments, we’d like to hear from you.

Tickit Health is onto something big that is leading to a thriving world where each person is heard in terms of what they need from the organizations and people that support them, including physicians and healthcare systems, teachers and education systems, and other service organization throughout the communities and groups in which we all live.

Based on the company’s proprietary Digital Empathy Design System, Tickit® is an award-winning solution that elevates an organization’s efficiency and performance in terms of communicating with each person they support, particularly when capturing information from them. Tickit has been proven to improve the efficiency of the data collection process by over 200%. Furthermore, the quality of the data collected has been shown to improve in terms of both sensitivity and specificity, resulting in the organization’s ability to more effectively utilize its own resources in supporting their populations.

We are a tight-knit team of 15 very bright and passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures speaking over a dozen different languages who are working together to achieve our mission and contribute to our vision of a thriving world where each person is heard. We offer great flexibility in the working environment from our headquarters based in the Olympic Village part of Vancouver and with work from home options. With an ethos of continual learning, we offer support for continual personal and professional development, as well as stock options, health & wellness benefits, paid-vacation, and various team-building & social activities.