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Imagine knowing days, weeks, or even months in advance when one of your customers is ready to buy, switch or cancel!

ThinkCX’s advanced social intelligence solutions monitor the digital signals given off by your individual customers, and notify you well in advance of impending crisis or opportunity.

Every customer has a story to tell about their interaction with your service. Other social media listening tools only react for you when a story achieves reaches crisis status. But ThinkCX takes a completely different approach. We proactively monitor each entry in your customer’s story, in real time. We look for key actionable inflection points, such as a service let-down, a subtle criticism of your service, a graduation, or a new job. You benefit by attacking churn before it happens, and by knowing the moment your customers experience life events in their story that signal upsell or nextsell opportunities.

Our Predictive Customer Intelligence Engine powers each of the four major solutions we offer:
- Churn and Upsell Intelligence for Marketing teams
- Anonymous Post Identification for Social Media teams
- Caller Intelligence for Customer Care teams
- Batch Load insights that add Customer Intelligence to email marketing lists

ThinkCX solutions can be deployed as standalone technologies, or integrated with your existing platforms and processes.

Adding Predictive Customer Intelligence to your retention, marketing and care workflows gives you insights into the behaviours and activities of your customers in the present, and plenty of early warning about what they're going to do in the future.