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Tantalus Systems

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About Tantalus:
In a world where global warming, rolling blackouts, rising energy prices and an aging, frequently malfunctioning distribution system are front page news, Tantalus works with electric, water and gas energy providers to improve resource efficiency, deliver reliable service, and streamline operations. We give utilities the tools and information they need to engage consumers in ongoing conservation efforts, and also provide the backbone technology that makes these programs successful.

The Tantalus Utility Network, TUNet®, is an award-winning end-to-end communications platform utilizing IP-based networks including fiber, WiMAX and cellular as well as 220 & 900 MHz wireless radio frequency. TUNet is designed and built for the smart grid and unites utility applications through distributed, Linux-based edge computing capability at every endpoint, thereby enhancing the value of data across all utility departments through integrated solutions such as AMI, outage management, power quality monitoring, load management, lighting controls and distribution automation that are cost-effective and practical to deploy throughout urban, suburban and rural service areas.

We are a focused team and achieve our goals through our values-based culture. Our team is collaborative, inclusive, proactive, customer-focused and committed to continuous improvement.

Founded in 1989, Tantalus is a growing, fast-paced, high-technology company with multiple offices, including in Canada (Burnaby, BC, and Ottawa, ON) and the USA (Raleigh, NC and Norwalk, CT).