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SST Wireless Inc.

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SST Wireless Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes wireless sensor technologies specifically to help each customer increase safety, conserve energy, and reduce operational downtime of vehicles and equipment. Our products are the result of years of research and development combined with extensive real-world field trials.

Our history spans over a decade as a recognized leader in industrial and commercial grade wireless tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that help increase safety, extend tire life and increase energy conservation for heavy duty vehicles such as mine haul trucks, construction equipment, transit buses and transport trucks.

We’ve learned from a lot from our work with heavy duty vehicles. Based on our knowledge, we embarked on an ambitious plan in 2014 to develop a line of industrial wireless sensors for equipment condition monitoring. We are removing the barriers to deploying and commissioning sensors for any size of company, regardless of their technical resources. Over time, our monitoring software platform will help them gain new insights in to the service life cycle of their equipment while helping operations and maintenance teams make timely decisions to increase safety, reduce downtime and conserve energy.

Our purpose designed sensors carry the philosophy that they must be easy to use, rugged and reliable to ensure that they will perform when it counts the most. Our team of engineers and software developers have delivered an impressive line of new sensors that include self calibration vibration sensor, high temperature sensor, pressure sensors, humidity and differential pressure sensor and a new sensor gateway platform

Our current wireless industrial sensor products include:

Vulcan, a high-temperature sensor that can handle up to 200oC / 392oF direct contact heat
Duo, a liquid resistant pressure & temperature sensor
CBS, a tire pressure & temperature sensor designed for commercial tires
Loki, a self-calibrating vibration sensor with built-in processing
Aura, a differential pressure and humidity sensor for storage tank filters
Anvil, flexible sensor gateway with serial, Wi-Fi, LTE and PLC connectivity
ECMON, stand-alone and cloud-based monitoring software platform