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Web Developers

Vancouver, BC
Full Time
9 days ago

Due to success and growth in our user community, MINISIS must increase staffing levels for our MINISIS software development teams. We want you to work smart. We want you to help us achieve greatness. And, we want to enjoy our work. Is that in your “DNA”? If so, then please read on.

We have several immediate openings and we are looking for those resources that can adapt quickly and assist in the development of our vision. We need good people who are willing to learn and think outside of the traditional boxes and how other companies and technologies work.  We have seen ideas come and go through our 47 years of IT development.  

MINISIS Inc is unique in the sense that unlike most software companies, we own all of our million lines of code and we look at technology differently. MINISIS Inc has a unique, easy to use/non-programming interface (called, SMA/MINISIS) to avoid the need for technical resources to build databases. The theory being, users need tools they can manipulate and not have to rely solely on their IT department and programmers. Users can take the MINISIS/SMA Toolkit/HDBMS and build databases by filling in the blanks and checking off data boxes and so on.

As well, there are several Customizable Off-the-Shelf (aka COTS) Applications for: Archives, Libraries (ILS) and Museums (CMS) and tracking systems that have been developed already. In addition, users can integrate their own application (MINISIS or not) into a unique Trusted Digital Repository Product, called TiTAN). Finally, all of the data contained in any of the aforementioned MINISIS products, can be dynamically web enabled via the MWI product. MWI or the MINISIS Web Interface is a tool was created upon the inception of the internet to put data online. MWI is a toolkit that we program to allow our clients to avoid having to learn internet based languages to share their content online. There are links on our web pages to some of the end products on our home page. To expedite here is a sample link:  .  We encourage you to look at that site and learn a little more about MINISIS and its capabilities but also search records in MINISIS technology regarding the Indian Residential School System, (records present were gathered through our work with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission).  Something all Canadians should know a little more about.  

In addition to your existing programming skills, you will learn and promulgate the development the MWI toolkit and the web "Online Public ACcess" (AKA OPAC) sites to help our clients promote their content online. 

Successful applicants will also have the opportunity to learn MINISIS and the entire suite of applications and software while participating in many of our R&D initiatives. The current initiatives range from:

  • a) the migration of our core DBMS toolkit to be 100% web based,
  • b) working with clients on our flagship applications or,
  • c) building online interfaces for our clients to ensure their data can be accessible and shared online.
  • d) Finally, the other area of R&D that may be of interest or that could be a side project, include working in the source core to ensure that MINISIS clients leave the coding to us and they use the templates to build their databases and web interfaces without needing to program (clients use a point and click interface currently).

MINISIS is looking for candidates that, at a minimum, match the following specifications:

  • No more front/backend - that is so old school. We want someone who doesn't limit themselves to one aspect or the other.
  • We want applicants that are good people, willing to learn and add-on to their generalized web programming expertise.
  • We want people that are respectful, open, communicative and energetic.
  • We want people that want to work with us to build the next level of web interfaces for our templates along with participating in custom coding for clients. AKA… no one trick ponies, we want you to have variety in your daily job! 
  • We feel it is important that you should want to be able to point and say, "Hey, I built that!" You should be able to add to the MINISIS code mosaic that others have created.  We want you to take pride in your work while helping us grow the company.

Specific skills that would be of benefit include:

  • An experienced UI/UX developer that can build sustainable web code
  • This person must be able to quickly create template designs (not just the artful aspect but more importantly, the functional aspect).
  • These designs should have good usability while not being over complicated but able to have some sweet interactivity
  • Dedication as well as understanding that our clients pay our bills.

The technical skills/requirements for this position are :

  • Experience with databases
  • Expertise with HTML, CSS
  • Experience in Java script, JQuery
  • Bootstrap and/or any other front-end frameworks
  • SaaS Experience with Object oriented Programming (help continue our development of online web-based DBMS tools)
  • Version Control Tool such as: Git.
  • Familiarity with: .NET and C#, C would be a definite  asset.

Other Skills for this position are:

  • Ability to participate, share knowledge and work in a team environment
  • Able to think outside of the box when challenges arrive.
  • Ambition, a desire to take a small enterprise to the next level.

If you want to learn and work on unique software solutions, then apply and hopefully we can see you become part of the MINISIS family. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated. Again, MINISIS is looking for unique people that want a career and want to help us grow to achieve both yours and MINISIS Inc's full potential. We need people that want to work and live. We need people that want to be more than just a web developer. We need humans, capable of thinking, understanding priorities and have the where-with-all to identify issues and determine ways to tackle those issues from asking for help, to scouring the net to... We work 40 hours weeks, ideally. So, we have to make the most of the time spent in the office - to maximize the quality of our lives outside of the office.


In addition to a full-time salary and a standard benefits package (after a preliminary wait period), you will work along side, regardless of your experience level, with a pretty diverse and awesome group of staff.  The office is a casual/low stress environment, located next to the Skytrain’s Burrard Station inside the Royal Centre Tower at: 1055 West Georgia. We have an assist dog on premise and a few fun events throughout the year.

As unique as you are, so is MINISIS Inc. We have great clients that spark our innovation and a very laissez-faire management style that wants you to succeed. Interested? Want to help us achieve our goals? Then please forward your resume and cover letter (citing #MWI2019.6). MINISIS Inc is entering its 47th Year of Canadian technical innovation! We've done things our way to become one of the world's longest surviving Database Management Systems and applications providers. We need people like you to ensure we get to year 50 and beyond!

More information and details can be found at: or .



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