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UI Programmer

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Metalhead Software is a small but growing game studio in downtown Victoria, BC. We’re a tight-knit team that pours a ton of passion into our own original, high-quality content and we have a lot of fun doing it.

You won’t find us chasing industry trends or implementing exploitative gimmicks. We simply focus on polished, gameplay-first titles aimed to please our community. We take our craft very seriously but at the same time you’ll find our day-to-day work environment is about as casual as it gets. We try to keep it light around here – you gotta have fun to build fun!

We work in the sports genre right now, but our personal interests span the whole gamut of gaming (from board games to twitch shooters to JRPGs) and we aim to channel our diverse inspirations into fresh, well-implemented ideas in the sports genre.

We’re still small enough that any one of us is usually jumping between a few areas over the course of a project rather than working in a single specialization. That doesn’t mean we don’t like specialists (we do!) but if you happen to be interested in developing some secondary skills beyond your main thing, that’s probably something that jives well with us.


Are you a cold-blooded, soul-devouring, coding demon? Do you find that description strange but also somehow feel that it describes you? If yes to either, we’d love to hear from you!

This position will have you working closely with both creative and engineering team members to develop the complex UI systems (including work in the front end, HUD, game modes, team and player management mechanics) of a large multi-platform sports title.

Here are some things we’re looking for. We by no means expect you know them all, but we’d like to hear about the few you are most experienced with:

  • C++ experience (required)
  • UI design and UX expertise
  • A proven track record working with designers/artists
  • Object-oriented and/or data-oriented programming
  • Relational databases / SQL
  • Experience with RESTful API’s, Python and AWS Lambda
  • Advanced debugging skills (large 3rd party codebases)
  • Build systems, version control, continuous integration, etc.

Regardless of your specialization, a few things we’re looking for:

  • Passion. You love to play games as much as you love to make them and you continually seek to hone your craft.
  • A knack for managing your time. You know when to go deeper on a task versus recognizing that it’s time to get ‘er done and move on to the next thing. Quality is important, but so is speed!
  • A willingness to branch into areas outside your core expertise. It’s just a fact of life in a small studio as we adapt to the changing demands at each stage of a project.
  • Drive to execute. Projects you’ve started in the past (work or school) got finished, and got finished properly…and it had a lot to do with you.
  • A sense of humor. At least enough that you can tolerate our dumb jokes.
  • Willingness to relocate to Victoria if it’s not already your home. It’s awesome here.

We’re looking for the right personality as much as (actually probably more than) the right skill set, and are open to different levels of experience/seniority.


  • Just send us an email – – only as long as it needs to be to tell us what your passions are and how that might make us a good match for you.
  • A resume is cool but we’re even more interested in seeing what you’ve done, including any professional, personal, and/or hobby projects that you can share (if they’re collaborative/group projects, please describe the specific bits you worked on). A link is great for anything on the web but if you want to share anything else, a private Dropbox link is best.
  • Given that we’re open to different experience levels, salary expectations are helpful - especially for more experienced applicants.
  • In case you missed it earlier, we require that you’re in (or willing to relocate to) our awesome city of Victoria, BC.

Posted: November 23, 2018
Closes: January 22, 2019