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Program Director, Precision Health

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The Digital Technology Supercluster is a collection of organizations who collaborate to develop world leading technologies that will power the digital transformation of business and society while delivering economic growth across Canada. Based in Vancouver, the Digital Technology Supercluster is one of five proposals awarded funding from the Government of Canada’s Innovation Supercluster Initiative in February 2018. 

Supercluster members include startups, researchers, Canadian national companies, universities and world-leading companies. Working together, Supercluster members propose projects that will produce products and platforms that will solve some of the biggest issues facing industries today. Supercluster projects are governed by a non-profit organization that is responsible for making sure that projects deliver promised outcomes and funding from industry and taxpayers in well spent. 

We are building a team to lead the Supercluster’s efforts. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a bold new initiative that will drive major economic, social and industrial benefits for the country. 


Program Directors for the Digital Technology Supercluster are thought leaders who combine vision of the future of digital technologies with experience in science, corporate R&D, academic labs, program management, startups, or the public sector. Program Directors lead the Digital Technology Supercluster programs, working with Supercluster members through ideation, proposal development, review, selection and project management.  

What makes a successful Program Director? 

Successful Program Directors display a willingness to dive deeply into technical areas that might be outside of their immediate areas of expertise. They relish forming, leading, and working closely with project teams to solve daunting technical, technological and commercial problems. , Supercluster Program Directors are powerful advocates for disruptive change through the use of digital technologies who actively communicate new ideas to a wide range of stakeholders.  

What do Program Directors do? 

The Digital Technology Supercluster’s commercially astute and technically skilled Program Directors have a passion for changing the world through new, advanced digital technologies combined with the ability to do so. Program Directors join as experienced professionals who leverage their deep technical knowledge, desire for direct impact, and passion for digital technologies to drive the evolution and creation of new projects in focused subject areas while successfully managing a portfolio of sophisticated commercial oriented projects. Program Directors influence the direction of Canadian digital innovation by: 

* Identifying technology “white space” where Supercluster projects can have maximum impact. 

* Working with innovation communities, future customers and stakeholders to evolve the concepts for a focused technology program. 

* Establishing rigorous and aggressive goals for the program including detailed technical milestones and other program activities. 

* Developing strong and trusted relationships with Supercluster members. 

* Working closely with Supercluster members as consortia prepare proposals 

* Evaluating proposals and recommending projects for award selection in focused technology and open programs. 

* Actively managing a portfolio of high impact innovations projects. 

* Engaging as a thought leader with world-class researchers in academia and industry, entrepreneurs, and government officials.  

What will the Precision Health Program achieve? 

The objective of the Precision Health Program is to propel Canada to become the world’s most effective and efficient healthcare delivery system. The healthcare system of the future will be data-driven, predictive and delivering therapies, treatment plans with a precision never possible before resulting in greater efficiencies and effectiveness of the healthcare system overall and better outcomes for individuals. The future of healthcare delivery will be founded on data to: 

* Predict and prevent disease.

* Diagnose more precisely.

* Personalize targeted interventions.

* Engage, inform and empower patients, professionals and caregivers.

To attain these goals, new, innovative, digital technologies for healthcare delivery systems are needed. The development of these technologies requires understanding complex system interdependencies Through the Precision Health program, the Digital Technology Supercluster seeks to identify and develop innovative technologies and platforms that enable the healthcare ecosystem to mature their designs for future commercial deployment. These technologies will establish the basis for a precise, personalized healthcare system in Canada, and around the world. 

 Within 5 years the Precision Health Program will, amongst other things: 

* Provide Canadians with their health data and insights in a way that works with their caregivers with a special emphasis on enabling remote, universal access within a secure an environment.

* Deliver Canada’s Indigenous peoples access to next-generation treatments.

* Introduce health therapies tailored to individualized genomic profiles with a priority on managing chronic diseases.

* Demonstrate systemic cost-effectiveness and improvements in health outcomes.

* Develop world leading approaches to privacy, security, access, consent and leveraging of health data. 

The Digital Supercluster provides Program Directors with: 

* Exposure to and a deep of understanding of innovative technologies. 

* Engagement with leading technical experts and innovators. 

* Contextualization of technical innovation within a highly market-driven economy. 

* Unparalleled freedom to design new focal areas. 


Reporting to the CTO, Program Directors will be responsible for program development, project management and thought leadership. Specific responsibilities include: 

Program Development: Through appropriate technical and market analysis and engagement with the Digital Technology Supercluster team and innovation communities both internal and external to the Supercluster region (typically through a focused workshop), the PD must become a thought leader in one or more areas of digital technology. The PD must constantly evolve the concept for a Supercluster program, through priority areas, and defend it in the face of challenging but constructive criticism from the Supercluster team. Following successful development of the program concept, the PD leads the drafting of Call for Proposals and all stages of the procurement process, including independent review of concept papers and full applications, culminating in award recommendations. 

Project Management: Active management of the projects within the PD’s portfolio, from award negotiation, including full development of technical milestones and intellectual property/commercialization strategy, through award completion. This requires extensive, “hands on” work with the projects. The PD is responsible for adjusting, re‐scoping, extending, or cancelling projects during the performance period. The PD’s project portfolio includes all projects in his/her program area(s) and may include other ongoing Supercluster projects as required. 

Other Duties: Represents the Digital Technology Supercluster as a clear thought leader within Canada and to the external R&D community. Develops “lessons learned” and best practices as part of continual improvement in how Supercluster does business. Evaluates PD and PM candidates. Leads or serves on ad hoc groups of PDs as required for specific tasks. 



* Strong vision relative to the future of economies and society resulting from transformational digital technologies. 

* Relevant digital-related experience in industry, technology investment and/or academia. 

* Ability to span science, commercial and engineering systems with the ability to understand market requirements and realities, preferably with experience in starting a company and/or delivering a product to market. 

* Strong background in program management, and technology transfer. 

* Demonstrated leadership in communicating a vision and bringing different communities together to catalyze something new; clear and authoritative decision-making. 

* Deeply knowledgeable in at least one scientific/engineering/clinical area with demonstrated creativity/originality – using new approaches and connecting seemingly disparate ideas. 

            - Discovered, developed and commercialized new products and innovations.

            - Implemented new innovations into clinical practice.

            - Established shared infrastructure to support the development of new technologies, research and/or practice.

            - Has led and participated in application development activities for industrial applications.

            - Managed complex technology development activities.

            - Managed complex clinical adoption activities.

            - Served as a technical adviser to the Boards or Executive Management of medium or large organizations, start-ups, government bodies or associations.

            - Supported other innovation intermediaries (VCs, NFPs etc.) by assessing commercial and strategic value of new opportunities. 

            - Experienced in development, scale-up and licensing of new technologies. 

            - Has undertaken techno-economic analysis, long-term portfolio management and funding decisions. 

            - Led a multidisciplinary team to develop new technologies.

            - Managed collaborative industry-university projects.

            - Forged strategic alliances and global partnerships with multinationals, universities, and venture capital firms.

            - Has demonstrable expertise in developing technology strategy, marketing research, strategic planning and business development, and helped to launch several early stage business ventures. 

            - Leaps tall buildings in a single bound.

* Passionate about solving challenges using digital technologies, even if lacking previous direct experience in science and technology. 

* Comfort with a high level of risk and uncertainty; ability to be flexible with regard to technical area, market assessment, and workload (substantial travel may be required). 

* Masters-level degree preferably in a science, engineering or similar discipline is an asset. 

Especially relevant backgrounds include, but are not limited to: 

Precision Health | Privacy and Security | Bioinformatics | Software Development | Big Data | Heatlhcare Information Technology | Informatics | Healthcare Management | Medical Devices | Electronic Health Records | Clinical Research | Clincial Trials | Public Health | e-health 

Job opportunity details: 

* Initial term of hire is three years, with renewal options. 

* Location: Vancouver, BC Canada


Posted: November 17, 2018
Closes: January 16, 2019