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Decentralized Wireless Protocol Engineer

Full Time
2 days ago

We’re Left, a technology company based in the Vancouver suburb of Maple Ridge. A certified B Corp, Left is committed to “doing things right”: making our mark on the world in a positive way with technology and innovation. Our top-notch culture and award-winning Community Engagement Program have led us to be awarded “Best Workplace BC”, recognized by the BC Tech Association as the best in BC for “work, life, and play” and winner of the 2018 BambooHR Hero Award.

At the heart of our business we’re building RightMesh, a platform to connect the next billion people without infrastructure using a fully-distributed mobile mesh network for Android, iOS, IoT hardware, and other mobile devices. Our platform will enable affordable, reliable, resilient, and secure access to the internet and connectivity to all users. Since the goal of the platform is to be used far and wide beyond our office walls, our job is to ensure developers find it simple, intuitive, and easy to work with, and that end users have a smooth and autonomous experience wherever possible.

Where does all this cool stuff happen? Our space is a physical representation of our core values. With an open concept built to encourage community, including a large communal kitchen, fully equipped games room and plenty of chill spots to relax, our Lefties feel as comfy here as at home. Family is important to us, and our office provides an inclusive environment for all on our team no matter what age or stage of life.  Being in Maple Ridge, we are perfectly located for both city dwellers - only a 40 minute drive from downtown - and for those who prefer the 'burbs.

Speaking of sky-high real estate prices, you have room to breathe out here and can afford to exhale. Not only do you get greater balance in your life, but you get to keep way more of what you earn. The difference is substantial (Hint: for a family of 4, it could be more than $50,000 in your pocket every year!). Calculate how much you would save by living and working in Maple Ridge here:

Are you ready to join us and change the world yet?

About the team: what will you be doing?

You will be working on our RightMesh team, developing the mesh networking library and platform that will connect the next billion people without Internet. Our core networking team contains many PhD- and MSc-holding experts in various areas of computer networking including heterogeneous mesh networks, delay tolerant networks, and routing protocols, who draw from experience developing networking hardware, evaluating the performance of protocols, and contributing to and implementing RFCs. We publish peer reviewed research in world leading conferences, work in agile teams to define and build proof concepts of new protocols, and integrate our new solutions into the RightMesh library to connect real people in groundbreaking ways. These new innovations could involve controlling the topology of a group of connected phones, reliably and efficiently deliver data across multiple paths, discovering and establishing trust between peers in a distributed network, enabling encryption in an offline environment, delivering data to networks which are fully offline via delay tolerant networking, or something we haven’t even thought of yet!

About you: what do you need to get here?

You are an expert on computer networks and network programming. You can both conduct world-class research and develop production-quality code. You have extensive experience with traditional networking such as using sockets, both IP and non-IP networking, and client/server methodologies, and are very familiar with P2P networking, event driven networking, TCP, UDP, and how to implement reliability mechanisms and congestion control algorithms. You understand unicast, broadcast and multicast, and know how to construct minimum spanning trees and implement routing and path finding algorithms such as Djikstra, Prim, Kruskal and others. You have experience implementing, contributed to, or have extremely in-depth knowledge of any of the following protocols:

  • BOOTP, DHCP (RFC 951, 1542, 2131, 2132)

  • ARP (RFC 826, 6747, 6575)

  • MANET / Mesh Routing algorithms: BATMAN, OLSR, DSR, DSDV, AODV

  • Bundle protocol (RFC 5050)

  • Licklider protocol (RFC 5326)

  • Multipath TCP (mTCP) (RFC 6824)

  • DHT, Gossip protocols, peer discovery protocols

  • Autonomic Networking Principles (RFC 7575)

Additionally, you have a deep understanding of the core technical issues involved in delay tolerant networks, mobile adhoc networks, wireless mesh networks, clustering, and hierarchy in Decentralized networks. You are an expert at protocol design including documenting the protocol, sequence diagrams, flowcharts, packet structure, header diagrams, etc. You are a skilled developer with experience in Java, and have a strong fundamental computer science background including algorithms, data structures, operating systems, threading, deadlock, and race conditions. Ideally your networking experience is focused on decentralized wireless networks (and not just centralized wired networks). You have at least a bachelors in computer science along with several years of experience in a network / protocol developer role (not as a network administrator).


These are some of the technologies and techniques that we make use of or are looking to start using.  If you have experience with any of them, please highlight this in your application:

  • Protocol Buffers (“protobuf”)

  • Network simulators. (NS2, NS3, JSim, GloMoSim, etc.)

  • Network traffic analysis and debugging (Wireshark, tcpdump)

  • Ethereum (payment channels, Raiden, blockchain clients, smart contracts / Solidity, Ethereum-J)

  • C/C++

Compensation & Next Steps

In 2017, to remove any unconscious bias out of our salary process, we revamped our salary structure to be transparent in who we are and what we pay. We offer a highly competitive compensation based on an annual external salary report to ensure pay equality.

We also offer many perks (including a comprehensive benefits plan, RRSP matching program, lower cost of living, etc.) and a culture and work/life balance that other companies simply can’t match, creating a total package that is hard to beat.

If you are interested in working in a world-class business, then please apply below. No phone calls or unexpected visits please - we have developers here and they are easily startled!

Left is a small, but growing company. Fit and a willingness to learn is more important than experience. Thanks in advance for considering us.

Learn more about RightMesh a project of Left at

We are an equal opportunity employer and love diversity at our company! We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status.

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