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Groundswell Cloud Solutions Inc.

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We are a boutique Salesforce consulting firm based out of Vancouver, and we’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of what the cloud can do for our customers. We specialize in complex business cases that require highly technical solutions.

We were founded by Brian Wiebe, a long-time veteran of who managed a team of Technical Architects at’s San Francisco headquarters, delivering professional services to some of the company’s biggest clients. We’ve grown quickly from a humble home office to a dream team of visionary programmers, consultants and technical architects working out of Vancouver’s historic Gastown.

Today, our diverse, vibrant and multitalented team serves clients all over North America and the UK. We’re obsessive about the solutions we create, because we’re excited about seeing people empowered to shine at what they do best. We pursue that goal of empowerment for our clients as well as our team members and people in our community.

We call ourselves Groundswell for two reasons: much like a wave that starts small and unseen but gathers momentum into a growing force, we believe our work behind the scenes has the power to create massive, meaningful change for our clients - both in their organizational development as well as in the daily lives of individuals. (The name may also be a bit of an homage to those gorgeous rolling surf breaks off of Montara Beach.)