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Talent Day Success Stories: Paulo and Traction on Demand


Presented by BC Tech Jobs in partnership with the BC Tech Association, Talent Days are opportunities to connect the right people with the right companies, and we love hearing about how tech professionals have made moves in their careers because of these events. Check out this Talent Day Success Story, highlighting a tech professional who found an amazing new role, as well as the great company they met at Talent Day!



Paulo Oliveira came to our April 2017 Talent Day, where he met Anthony Azar (one of our Career Experts!) and the team from Traction on Demand. Thanks to this connection from Talent Day, Paulo found a developer role! Paulo recently moved to Vancouver, and Talent Day was the first networking event he went to. We asked Paulo and Anthony to share their Talent Day experiences with us – keep reading to get a look at Talent Day from both sides.


Please describe your experience at Talent Day.
At Talent Day, Paulo took his time to check all the companies attending the event, deciding which ones he would speak to. The event was busy, but “there was enough time to talk to all companies [he] was interested in”. Traction on Demand was the first company that he applied for, and the only one that he went from start to finish with through the recruiting process. While he had applied at a few different companies, the process at Traction on Demand was so smooth and efficient that he received an offer even before going to any other interviews.


What it was like to network and connect with great companies like Traction on Demand?
Paulo shared that “it was super easy to approach and speak to recruiters in each company’s booth,” and “they were very open to start a conversation with all present candidates”. Traction on Demand stood out in particular because Anthony “was very excited about Talent Day” and their booth was buzzing all night.



What was your experience at Talent Day like while representing Traction on Demand? 
Anthony: Talent Day gives us the opportunity to connect with a variety of great talent – often those who are new to the market – that have a variety of technical skills. We really appreciate the opportunity to get to know candidates in-person and chat with them about the great things that are happening at Traction on Demand.


What do you look for in candidates when you’re hiring?
 Traction on Demand’s hiring philosophy is based on culture, intelligence and then skills as we think that if someone is a great culture fit and has the aptitude to learn, then they can pick up many of the skills they might be missing. talent is quite rare in Canada and so it has always worked better for us to look for great people to train, as opposed to searching for ramped talent. We are interested in people who want to join an active community of engaged individuals who see business as more than just a vehicle to make money. We care about our people, wider community and planet.


Want to connect with Traction on Demand? They’ll be joining us again at Talent Day on Wednesday, June 7th! Get prepared to meet them by reading up on Anthony’s networking tips, checking out their job postings, and learning more about their culture.


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