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Barberstock Systems Inc.

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We believe in making life simpler. We believe in giving people what they need while surrounding them in a supportive culture. We believe in creating solutions that make your digital life easier and more efficient.

Barberstock was built for you.

Created over 6 years ago when our sister company, Barbershop Films, was working with Tourism Vancouver. The DMO needed a place to house and distribute all of their photos and videos and we were determined to develop and provide that solution for them. The goal was clear - create a simple and intuitive solution for organizations to manage, organize, and distribute their digital assets. The Barberstock solution was built.

Now with a roster of over 60 clients, we are proud to say that Barberstock has become the fastest growing Digital Asset Management platform devoted to destination marketers and the tourism industry. We achieved our initial goal and won't stop there. We will to continue to create solutions to bring value to our current clients and future clients as well. Let us show you how.