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Aspect Biosystems

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Aspect Biosystems is an award-winning Canadian startup developing state-of-the-art 3D bioprinting technology capable of creating living human tissues on demand. Aspect aims to drive a fundamental shift in the pharmaceutical industry by enabling the development of physiologically relevant human tissue models for preclinical drug testing, moving away from the use of animals and de-risking customers’ drug assets entering clinical trials. Aspect is a forward-looking company that envisions a future where our technology is used directly to save lives through the creation of personalized therapeutic tissue implants, and we are already making great strides in this area. One day even fully functional printed organs may be possible and there are innumerable opportunities to cure disease and improve lives in the pursuit of that goal.

We have an interdisciplinary and fast-paced team looking for qualified and enthusiastic individuals to help us grow into a flagship Canadian tech company. As an early employee there is significant opportunity for growth and leadership. If you thrive in a team atmosphere and have the drive to grow in one of the most promising start-up companies in Canada, we want to hear from you!